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Innovation + Quality + Performance + Warranty = Exceptional Value

Riding at the forefront of innovation is where the legend of Tige/ATX Boats was born, and we build on it year after year with new innovations and technology that are geared around creating your perfect day on the water. From the new GO System™ and TAPS 3T to handcrafted interiors, you will find yourself surrounded by more standard features than any other boat brand. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy great days and even greater memories.

Tige/ATX is one of the last remaining privately owned boat manufacturers. This allows Tige/ATX greater control over their product and development while still being able to have direct service relationships with dealers and customers avoiding the “red tape” often associated with large corporate owned manufacturers.

The vast majority of the boat is produced in house meaning Tige/ATX is a true manufacturer, not just an assembler.

  • Each Tige/ATX built passes through at least 400 pairs of hands before it is handed over to its new owner.  These hands belong to the skilled craftsmen who put passion and care into the art and craft of boat building.

  • The Tige/ATX  build process takes twice as long as the industry average, which means twice the attention, precision and accuracy. A dedicated Quality Control Auditor is assigned to each Tige boat as it rolls through the entire manufacturing process — following and inspecting that boat to perfection. Some would call this over the top; they  just call it another day at the office.

  • Full fiberglass manufacturing – All fiberglass structural components are made in-house and are backed a transferable liftetime warranty.   In the lamination process, it takes 4 days of cure time, Ashland  gel coat, AOC high strength resin,  Owens Corning fiberglass to creat the remarkable strength and lustrious, beautiful finish that you expect and love.

  • Full upholstery factory – All upholstery is hand sewn and fitted to hand selected and fitted cushions.  The level of qualily vinyl is consistent across the entire Tige/ATX line with intricate stitching and design in every interior.  Their renowned interior is handcrafted with #tigelove.  Their sewers expertise and attention to the finest details give each stitch extra style and a touch of true luxury.  The highest traffic area of your boat deserves the highest quality.  Tige/ATX uses Alpha Marquee vinyl with PermaGuard stain resistant topcoat, SolarFix PTFE thread, antimicrobial foam, Belgium-made staples, and HiLoft2 backing to ensure years of comfort and durability.

  • Full electronics wiring factory - All wiring is assembled and tested before being installed during assembly.  The quality wiring and connections ensures consistent performance of the electronics in a marine environment.  All Tige/ATX electronics are engineered, waterproof enclosed, and rigourously tested for ultimate reliability.  Enovation Controls (Tige CLEAR/ATXperience) holds the ISO9001 certification and all wiring harnesses are finished with Deutsch connectors to maintain a sealed, secure connection that is optimal for the marine environment.

  • Full ballast factory - All ballasts are made in house and tested before being fitted during assembly.  Unlike other ballast designs that can only be serviced by splitting the hull, all Tige/ATX ballasts are designed to be tough yet easily accessible for service if needed.

  • Lake Test - Once complete, every Tige/ATX goes through an extensive lake test to ensure flawless performance and quality.



The Tige Smart2 Wheel with paddle controls allows you to do it all, and your hands never even have to leave the wheel.




More power, more torque and better fuel economy than any other engine on the market.


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